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Practicing in New Jersey and New York.

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Retainer agreement

Our Credit Union Practice

Credit Unions are different from other businesses, and it is important for you to deal with professionals who understand those differences. In addition to handling issues common to all financial institutions, we are familiar with the aspects of your nonprofit structure and regulatory scheme that are unique to federal and state-chartered credit unions. We can advise all levels of your credit union personnel, from director questions about bylaws, to management questions about vendor contracts, to staff questions about decent's accounts or auto loans. With each new regulation (and each new member), life in credit union land becomes even more complicated; we're here to make your life easier. See our collections page for information on how we can help you deal with your delinquencies.


Our Credit Union clients can either choose a $1,900 affordable retainer plan or be represented with regard to specific matters or problems. If you are interested in becoming a client under our retainer program, please download our retainer agreement.